Versatile Blogger Award

Who Nominated Me?

I would love to thank Charme Haut Blog, for nominated my blog for this award.. You visit and discover that blog..

Versatile Blogger Award Rules

1) Thank the person who nominated you, linking to their blog so everyone else can see how great they are..
2) Select nominees you think are deserving this award. Some of the criteria’s to get the nomination are:
……………………The quality of the writing
……………………The uniqueness of the subjects covered
……………………The quality of the photographs
3) Tell all of these people 7 random things about yourself, and ask your nominees to do the same..

7 Random Fact About Me

1) I love sewing .. for me like dancing with the fabrics.. 🙂

2) Design, drawing, painting about the fashion makes happy and very peaceful me ..

3) They must be always in my life..

My sewing machine

My Photo Machine

My Laptop

4) It makes me sad that the live communication between people in this world is getting smaller and smaller.. I think it is a big problem.. 😦

5) Tea , cookie, cake.. That is the taste of my life 🙂 🙂

6) Summer, sun, sea= LOVE

7) The cooking is exciting journey and hapinesss for me..

My Nominations

I do not know who got this prize, this prize should go to all my takers but I still try to pick some names.. Congratulations to all my nominees.. Please read the Versatile Blogger Award Rules above to accept your nomination..Wishing you all the best to my fellow bloggers..

Have a good time! With love… ❤

About adhandmade

I'm in love with handmade, handicrafts .. Especially sewing and knitting .. Also fashion and styling .. My motto is "Elegance is the only beauty that never fades".....Audrey Hepburn....
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26 Responses to Versatile Blogger Award

  1. commememucho dedi ki:


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  2. Sketchuniverse dedi ki:

    Reblogged this on sketchuniverse and commented:

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  3. Thanck dear for the nominations …. i’m very happy

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  4. swalia dedi ki:


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  5. kethuprofumo dedi ki:

    My dear,
    I would like to share with you this precious link. It’s a resource that contains all BURDA editions since 50s! I’m sure you will find what to do with such a treasure:
    Have a nice Sunday!
    Best regards,

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  6. kethuprofumo dedi ki:

    Dear Adhandmade,

    here is my link for your nomination:

    Thank you! 🙂
    Have a nice day,

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  7. Charme Haut® dedi ki:

    I love your blog! Success Always! ❤ Kisses

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  8. kethuprofumo dedi ki:

    Dear Adhandmade Umeda!
    My conrgatulations! It’s always a pleasure to get an award! 🙂 I’m very grateful to you for being nominated! I will participate for certain! Hurrah!
    Keep in touch! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    PS. I don’t know if you’ve visited my creative site with my designs yet. I make elegant origami flowers. Here is the link:

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  9. voulaah dedi ki:

    Congratulations dear for your nomination, I’m happy to discover you via this tag
    Have a very nice day

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  10. niasunset dedi ki:

    Congratulations! You are amazing creative soul. I love your blog, and always so beautiful and inspirational for me. Thank you it is so nice to know you. Also Thanks for thinking of me. Love, nia

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